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Penates (pe-nay-teez) was known in ancient Rome as the guardian of the hearth and treasured home belongings.

Penates Interior Design process involves you.  

Interior Design for Creative Retirement - Use what you have to support who you are. Penates loves to partner with the Creative DIY Retiree ready to simplify slowly or expand dramatically to bring more of who you are into the space where you love to live. Update your lighting to support your arts & crafts, reading, hobbies, cooking and more. Transform your home or apartment with a fresh coat of paint in colors that please you and impress your friends. Rearrange your furniture to make room for more of who you are now including space for fitness, yoga, sanctuary, cooking, dinner parties, book clubs, reading, media, and more. Penates also develops the full interior room design as well as carry out the details through to completion for your space now or for your move management to a new location. 

Interior Design for Sanctuary - Penates Design has a strong affinity for designing in harmony with the natural life cycles of people, nature and intrinsic energies of Earth. Collaboration with you, the homeowner, brings forth a space that nurtures and sustains the people, plants and animals living there. It is an intuitive process joined with a pragmatic design ability that allows for a smooth renovation. Even a small seed of a design idea can bloom into a sanctuary for you in this rapidly changing world.

Interior Design for Remodeling - We collaborate with homeowners to renovate space you didn't know you had and turn your vision into a master plan for home remodeling. Penates guides your choices to help protect your investment in kitchen and bath remodeling, room design, home furnishings, home decor, space planning and home renovation. Details are carried through to the final installation. Making your home your sanctuary is a personal process that evolves over each major transition in your life. Designing is a comfortable process. The experience will change the quality of your life for the better. Your vision of your space is what makes design exciting for us and beneficial to you.



Bring More of Who You Are Into where You Live

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Professional guidance about your lifestyle transition.

Enhance your goals and share design ideas for your style.

Develop, with you, a single To Do List to manage on your own.



Color consultation for refreshing your space, appealing to mature eyes, or just for plain fun.

Lighting advice for beauty, comfort or for low vision, for your unique lifestyle.

Discuss design ideas to support reading, hobbies, book clubs, yoga space, creating sanctuary, moving, or daily living and more.




Make a plan for your belongings to design beautiful arrangements.

Start fresh with new furnishings to celebrate new beginnings.

Develop layouts and floor plans options for where you are or where you are going.


Call now to begin the process of sustaining yourself and your treasures in your home.